As we wrap up this final segment of the Show, Sid and I debate who should be considered America’s Team now a days in North American Sports? I have one in Basketball and Football and you won’t believe who and find out Sid’s thoughts and choices! Have a Happy and Blessed Fourth everybody and please continue to follow us @ProdigyRichey @sidkid80.

We’re less than a couple months away from the NFL Season to get under way as Sid and I debate the Top 10 Players released by Who should be taken off the list and put on? Also, how much further away are the Oakland Raiders from taking the next step in their Franchise to Rise to Prominence once again? As always, follow us @ProdigyRichey @sidkid80 and we’ll see you next time, “Hut, Hut!”

Also, today, Sid and I continue to take a look at the up and down Chicago Cubs! What is their biggest need at this point in time? Coming off the heels of Miguel Montero criticizing Jake Arietta, Cubs Fans, do you believe, Manager, Joe Maddon is starting to lose grip on this team? Evidence may point to Montero’s remarks at the World Series Rally and Aroldis Chapman who is currently with the Yankees! As always, keep it in tune with me @ProdigyRichey @sidkid80 for more Cubs and White Sox Coverage!

Happy Fourth Chicagoland and to everybody in our proud country of the US! We kick off today’s episode of, On Deck with me Charles, “The Prodigy,” Richey and Sidney, “Sid the Kid,” Brown by recapping the start of the 2017 NBA’s Free Agency! There’s been quite a few moves, but which one really sticks out? Also, what do the Chicago Bulls need to do going forward to save face for their Franchise and much more? As always, we can be followed @ProdigyRichey @sidkid80. Make sure to tune in every weekend from 2:00-4:00 p.m. on and click the listen live button!