Celtics Pride Still Resides

By Charles J. Richey cjrichey83@gmail.com

05/22/2017, 2:18 PM CST

A funny thing happened last night in CLEVELAND, Ohio last evening!  Well look over here, the Cavaliers actually lost a game last night for the first time in this year’s NBA Playoffs!  As everyone was preparing for the NBA Finals to be set for a third straight year between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, the Celitcs were saying, stop, shut down the lights! Does everybody remember why we’re the number one seed in the Eastern Conference for a reason?  It’s no coincidence that the Celtics have been down this road before in a similar scenario.  Anybody remember the story tale Series between the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics in the First Round?  2-0 Series lead by the Bulls and then all of a sudden by the seams, the Bulls chance for an upset after an emotional roller coaster of a Season had their Playoff Run and hopes crushed!

LeBron James on the other hand was no where to be found in last night’s game as he had 11 points, six rebounds, and six assists!  History has shown that when a LeBron James lead team showcases LeBron scoring less than 15 points, his overall team record is 1-10.  Not only that, a 21 point lead gets evaporated that they held over the Celtics during the third quarter.  When asked by a reporter, Cleveland Radio Personality, Kenny Roda, “It was just your game!  Couldn’t get into a rhythm tonight?  Is that what it was based on their defense or just, just not feeling it or what?”  “Nah,  I was just pretty poor, I mean!  What do you want me to say?  It seems like you only ask questions when we lose.  It’s a weird thing with you Kenny,” LeBron James said.  “You always come around when we lose, I swear!”  I believe that this will be the only win for the Celtics in the Playoffs especially when you factor in, their Star, PG, Isiah Thomas is out for the playoffs with a hip injury!

If Boston is to have any hopes of staying alive in this Series, it starts with shutting down a red hot LeBron James!  During the first two rounds of the Playoffs, he has averaged 34.4 ppg and now in this Series is averaging 26.3  ppg.  I say continue to put the pressure on Kyrie Irving and Keving Love outside of LeBron to help guide their hopes of repeating as Back-to-Back NBA Champions!  How about that nice Celtic bounce for the game-winning three pointer by Avery Bradley?  All I know, the late Legendary Head Coach, Red Auerbac is up there looking down smiling!  All in all, still some Celtic Luck and Pride on the line!


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