3 Awesome Tips to Creating Video Content

Capturing your audience !


This is one of the hardest things to do and can be very challenging! Entertaining your audience whether it be through education, laughter, or just life-changing, one of the key things in video content is making it compelling! Every day people all over the world are making videos. One main thing videos slack is the original compelling part from start to finish. Everyone wants to get rich quick, stop thinking that way and create something that can one day become a classic video for future generations to come!

Think of your values!


Every day people are doing videos that have value to them. Do you want your audience to really capture who you are and what you represent. You should first value your work and quality of what you were doing. Every day we have labels placed upon us! For example if you’re going to be funny be funny if you’re going to be mean be mean simple right? Be real, people connect more quickly with you because you’re speaking the things they are scared to say and do. There’s nothing like being on the same page as your audience!

Think ahead don’t be a follower!


Too many times I go on YouTube and I see pretty much the same videos talking about the same exact topics!! It’s so boring to look at stuff over and over again! OMG creativity is one of the best attributes that each man and woman have so use it to the best of your ability. Create and build on those ideas try not to think about rewards focus on the task at hand. I say to people do what you got to do get it over with and go about your business. Be a leader with your video creations! Quality see below !!

Good luck and always much love to you!!






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